The Perfect Pair of Cargo Trousers for Every Occasion: A Style Guide


Cargo trousers have made a stylish comeback, thanks to the Y2K trend. They owe their origins to the 20th century when they were created for the British army during WWII. These trousers had large pockets to accommodate items such as maps, bandages, and ammunition.  

Today, they have also become popular, appreciated for their durable materials and multiple pockets that can conveniently hold small essentials like phones, keys, and wallets. However, as cargo trousers have resurfaced in fashion, many people find themselves unsure about how to style them and make the most of their appearance. 

This guide provides valuable insights on the best ways to style cargo trousers, offering the secrets to a fashionable and confident look.

Styling Tips for Cargo Trouser

Cargo Trouser with a Denim Jacket

Looking to enhance your outfit with a touch of flair? Elevate your cargo trousers by pairing them with a denim jacket. While cargo trousers were traditionally worn with military jackets, opting for a denim jacket gives a contemporary and stylish edge, avoiding the “just returned from a mission” appearance. For an added appeal, consider complementing the ensemble with hiking boots. To assist you further, we have curated the finest cargo trouser recommendations to complement a denim jacket perfectly.

Slim Fit Tapered Cargo Trousers in beige
Recommended Pair: Slim Fit Tapered Cargo Trousers in beige

These trousers offer exceptional style, ample pocket space, remarkable comfort, and affordability.

With a Loafer and Black T-shirt

If you want to update your appearance, consider opting for a stylish ensemble consisting of loafers, a black t-shirt, and cargo trousers designed for men. Select a pair of cargo trousers in a dark shade to elevate your style, enhancing your overall aesthetic and making you more appealing. Finish off with a pair of impeccable loafers to achieve a well-rounded look. This ensemble is excellent for various occasions, such as a night out, dinner, or party.

slim fit cargo trousers in black
Recommended Pair: Slim Fit Tapered Cargo Trousers in black

 These trousers feature front and back and convenient side pockets and offer ample storage space for your belongings.

Cargo Trousers with a Plain Tee 

A plain shirt is an excellent option if you prefer a straightforward and uncomplicated look. You can pair it with an oversized hoodie to add some flair to your outfit. The choice of colour plays a crucial role in determining the overall impact, so selecting a vibrant tee with a graphic print can elevate your style. T-shirts are fashionable and comfortable, making them ideal for casual wear. Let’s explore the top recommendation for cargo trousers to complete this ensemble and ensure you look your best. 

olive green cargo pants
Recommended Pair: Slim Fit Tapered Cargo Trousers in olive

These cargo trousers inject a touch of vibrancy into your outfit and are suitable for both casual gatherings and outdoor activities.

Tips For Choosing A Cargo Trouser

To make an informed choice when purchasing cargo trousers, it is essential to consider the following key factors.


The pockets are the key feature of cargo trousers that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it is essential to consider the positioning of the pockets when purchasing these trousers, ensuring that they do not accentuate undesirable areas. For instance, cargo pocket positioning is critical as it can be a discomfort to sit due to their positioning around the knees.

Waist band

Cargo trousers come in elasticated and belt loop waist bands; it is an individual’s choice. Elasticated waist bands are good for those who have waist fitting concerns but it gives a lounge wear look. Belt loop waist bands is the preference of most as it has got loops which can be utilised with a stylish belt. It is practically more feasible to use a belt instead of a drawstring as it provides durability during activities. 


For achieving an ideal appearance with cargo trousers, selecting pants that complement your height is advisable. You don’t want too short  or too long, perfectly landing on top of your shoes and for that SOROOR has to offer all lengths, 30 (short), 32 (regular) and 34 (tall).


Deciding what to wear for various occasions can be challenging for many individuals. However, cargo trousers can be a versatile option whether you lean toward a casual, classic, or trendy style. This comprehensive guide provides helpful tips on how to style your cargo pants for any event, aiming to streamline the process of outfit planning. If you’re looking for high-quality cargo trousers that align with this guide, consider shopping at Soroor.