About Us

Black chino pants
Our MISSION is to make quality fashion affordable for everyone.

Our designers develop and craft latest fashion trends, so you feel confident and ahead.

Our sourcing experts go above and beyond to ensure our materials are sourced in the most ethical manner.

Our production hands are skilful in combining the design and material into exclusive clothing.

We are a complete fashion family, from inception to completion, we do it all ourselves in an ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly style.

Based in Manchester, UK.

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is fashionable: we strive to bring the latest trends whilst also redefining the old classics. For us fashion is a moving art, unique, self-fulfilling and an identity.

You can always count on us. From summer shorts to smart casual outfits to fashion utility wear, we have got you covered.

We aim to build a community where fashion is for all.

All we want is you to feel HAPPY, and this is what SOROOR is about!!

Be Exclusive, Be Yourself, Be SOROOR.